Ekkozone Records was founded with the aim of curating and producing a certain type of album, in which various types of contemporary music are given a hi-fi treatment.

We are based in Copenhagen and are part of the UK-based Divine Art Recordings Group. Our albums are distributed worldwide through Naxos and other distributors. All albums are available digitally and on CD.

As some will know, Ekkozone was originally the name of my ensemble. After the ensemble’s 10-year Anniversary Concert at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, I decided to turn the company into a record label. There are some albums featuring the ensemble available on other labels. But as of 2023, Ekkozone is solely a record label.

The name, by the way, was borrowed from Per Nørgård’s percussion piece Echo-Zone. I couldn’t have come up with it myself. The Danish spelling with the k’s is an improvement, though.

I hope you’ll find some exciting spices in our catalogue! Feel free to get in touch!

Best wishes,

Mathias Reumert, founder and director