ARGUMENTA – Works by Philippe Manoury and Maurice Ravel


  1. Le livre des claviers: II. Duo de marimbaphones (Manoury) 6:11
  2. Argumenta (Manoury) 11:06

  3. Suspension-Effondrements (Manoury/arr. Reumert) 6:31

  4. Le tombeau de Couperin: I. Prélude (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 2:54

  5. Le tombeau de Couperin: II. Fugue (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 3:03

  6. Le tombeau de Couperin: III. Forlane (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 5:52

  7. Le tombeau de Couperin: IV. Rigaudon (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 3:02

  8. Le tombeau de Couperin: V. Menuet (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 4:44

  9. Le tombeau de Couperin: VI. Toccata (Ravel/arr. Reumert) 4:10

“This recording is full of life and boasts an excitement that comes from an almost superhuman exactitude of performance combined with immense understanding of both Manoury’s soundworld and process.”

-Fanfare July/August 2023

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This album is the fruit of a multi-year collaboration between Mathias Reumert, Anders Elten and composer Philippe Manoury, and includes World Première recordings of Argumenta and Suspension-Effondrements.

Reumert and Elten also present Le tombeau de Couperin in a new version for keyboard percussion instruments. Maurice Ravel’s masterful hybrid — true to Baroque forms but unmistakably Ravel — was written for solo piano and then orchestrated by the composer. These adaptations, in turn, inspired Reumert to transcribe the suite.

marimba, vibraphone, percussion, piano

marimba, vibraphone, percussion

Recording engineers: 1 and 4–9 recorded and mixed by Torsten Jessen. 2 and 3 recorded and mixed by Alma Hede

Recording location: Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, except 3 recorded at Helsingborg Concert Hall

24-bit mastering: Torsten Jessen

Cover image and design: Max Franosch

Liner notes: Philippe Manoury, Mathias Reumert

Translation advisors: Annette Kazes, Fran Hopenwasser, Raphaël Aggery

Publisher (Manoury): Éditions Durand

Producer and executive producer: Mathias Reumert

With support from Danish Arts Foundation

Released February 24, 2023
Cat No.: ekkozone01
EAN 5707471089156