1. Orula (Liturgia de la Adivinación) (2011) 34:32
    Karolina Leedo: flutes & voice
    David Hildebrandt: percussion & voice (left)
    Mathias Reumert: percussion & voice (center)
    Matias Escudero Seibæk: percussion & voice (right)
    + Louis Franz Aguirre: voice at 8:20

  2. Oru a Yemayá y Obba (2012) 9:12
    Mathias Reumert: conductor
    Natalie Harris: clarinet
    Victor Koch Jensen: trumpet
    David Hildebrandt: vibraphone
    Alexander McKenzie: microtonally tuned piano
    Oscar Micaelsson: piano

  3. Oriki a Shangó: Kabiosile! (2004-2020) 18:45
    Hélène Navasse: flutes
    Natalie Harris: clarinets
    Mathias Reumert: percussion

Louis Franz Aguirre is one of the foremost Latin American composers of his generation, yet only a handful of recordings exists.

On this one-of-a-kind album, the outstanding Danish ensemble Mathias Reumert Group presents three of Aguirre’s strongest pieces, including the large-scale composition for percussion ensemble and flute soloist, Orula (Liturgia de la Adivinación), a journey in extreme sonorities, complex polyrhythms and searing microtonal melodies.

"I come from a culture where rhythm is the rationale for life and death. Where the drums are a means to worship, to communicate, and to call the Orishas to come down to Earth", says the composer.

According to percussionist/conductor Mathias Reumert, “learning the works on this album took years and left us forever changed. Listeners will understand".

A quote from musicologist Dr. Iván César Morales best sums up the experience: "Aguirres music has the power of an exorcism!”.

ORULA was picked as one of the best albums of 2023 by the leading Danish music magazine Seismograf.

Mathias Reumert Group


Producer, executive producer: Mathias Reumert
Co-producer: Louis Franz Aguirre
Recording engineer: Sebastian Vinther Olsen
Mixing, mastering: Mathias Reumert & Sebastian Vinther Olsen

Cover art, design: Morten Agergaard
Proofreaders of interview: Fran Hopenwasser & Iván César Morales
Publisher: Igbodú Edition
Booklet photos by Thomas Muus and Klavs Kehlet Hansen

Recorded at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen. 1 recorded 5-6 July 2021. 2 recorded 7 July 2021. 3 recorded 4 November 2021

With support from KODA Culture, The Danish Composers’ Society, and Solistforeningen af 1921

Released November 2023
Catalogue No: Ekkozone 03
EAN/UPC: 809730000324